About me

I am a Sydney-based visual artist working in the ceramic medium.

I am currently working with earthenware clay, which is a very pleasant and easy material for hand building, and I am experimenting with unusually shaped objects. These objects are from my imagination and I enjoy the asymmetrical aspect, where the forms are very organic and odd.

I am fascinated by people’s reaction to my work. Very often, people ask me what can the object be used for, ‘Can I put a plant or a flower in it?’, ‘Can it be used as a candle holder?’. I really enjoy that reaction because I feel my work sits in the void of the functional and purely sculptural. There is a level of ambiguity and vagueness.

I generally like a very smooth surface on the exterior and a rough surface on the interior, which reflects the history of the hand building process of each particular object that I make. My colours are usually very light on the outside and vibrant on the inside. These also act as points of contrast and possibly conflict, to some viewers.

In a way, I guess my work is open ended, even though I try to replicate some shapes or processes, it never seems to happen.

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